Creating a Podcast: Concept to Launch

The definitive guide to creating, launching, marketing, and growing a podcast. 
3 mins
Proposed Minimal Budget
The Ultimate Don't-Be-Fancy Budget
Business Formation
Business Setup
1 min
Register an LLC
Register an EIN
Create a Business Checking Account
1 min
What Is Your Purpose?
How Will You Deliver Your Podcast?
1 min
Your Podcast's Personality
Podcast Brand Colors
Developing a Brand Language
Naming Your Podcast
Good Artwork & Name Example: Fantasy Footballers Podcast
34.2 KB
Bad Artwork & Name Example: Sleeperwire Podcast
20.7 KB
Creating Your Podcast Artwork and Logo
Artwork Example: Lipstick and Hustle
1.51 MB
Artwork Example: The Mental Architect
993 KB
Artwork Example: Cinemaholics
861 KB
Artwork Example: In Your Right Mind
1.88 MB
Creating a Sound Identity (Part I)
Wrapping up Branding and Identity
Writing For Your Podcast
1 min
The Circus Analogy
The Barebones of a Podcast Episode Script
Get A Second (and Third!) Opinion
Sound Quality
Sound Quality
1 min
Room Acoustics Overview
Acoustically Treating Your Room
Choosing Environment-Forgiving Microphones
Podcast Hosting
Podcast Hosting
1 min
A History of Podcast Hosting
The Hosting Solution For You
Setting Up Your Podcast in Simplecast
Setting Up Simplecast
1 min
Creating Your Podcast
8 mins
Creating Your Website
14 mins
Creating Episodes
18 mins
Sharing And Other Features
13 mins
Stats And Metrics
7 mins
1 min
Important: Don't Buy Yet
Microphone Suggestions
Audio Interface Device
Studio Monitors
Studio Monitors (for Hosts)
Stands, Mounts, Filters, and Cables
Recording and Editing Software
Recording and Editing Software
1 min
Avid Pro Tools
Apple LogicPro X
Audacity (The Free "DAW")
Using Social Media
Using Social Media
1 min
Determing Which Platforms to Use
Three Social Media Rules
Point The Camera At Your Creative Process
Brand Consistency on Social
Licensing & Using Music
Music Licensing
1 min
Using Other Peoples Stuff
All Places To Get Music
Custom Music Composition
Necessary Pre-Launch Accounts
Creating Your Platform Accounts
1 min
Google Account
Apple ID Account
Stitcher Account
Spotify Account
Simplecast Account
Editing Your Podcast
Editing Your Audio
1 min
The Two Plugins You Should Purchase
Editing in Pro Tools
24 mins
Editing in Audacity (Student Requested)
44 mins
Recording Suggestions and Pointers
Podcasting Tips
1 min
General Advice
10 mins
Recording Remote Interviews
6 mins
Submitting Your Podast
Submitting Your RSS Feed to Apple
7 mins
The Apple Mirror URL
The Directories
Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising
2 mins
Facebook Advertising Tutorial
51 mins
Monetization for Individuals
Monetization for Individuals
1 min
Patreon Reward Levels
Other Monetizaton Platforms
Advertisers / Sponsors
Do Live Local Events
Summarizing Monetization
Monetization for Businesses
Monetization for Businesses
1 min
Part Of Your Marketing Strategy
Useful Stuff (Odds and Ends)
Useful Tools and Services
1 min
Toneden & Fanlinks for Transcription
Get Stencil
The End
Thank You and Farewell
2 mins