No podcast that has ever been successful has been a wing job. You know "I just winged it!" Anyone who says that to you is a liar. Even if you're a great conversationalist, you need writing, you need structure, and you need those things in order to deliver a consistent and thoughtful product. 

For some people writing means word-for-word scripting while for others it means "bullet point list".

Think about the Daily Show (politics aside). The Daily Show has an entire staff of writers to create 30-minutes worth of non-stop content. No one is winging it. Howard Stern doesn't wing it. Joe Rogan doesn't wing it. Oprah doesn't wing it. No one who finds success in free-to-access entertainment is winging anything.

Of course you're not Oprah or Joe Rogan, but if you ever hope to achieve even a fraction of their success for yourself, you need to take the writing of your program seriously. Every episode is a standalone piece of entertainment, and if it doesn't hit its mark consistently, it's going to disappear into the podfade (a term used to describe podcasts that die out).

This section is going to go over how to write for a podcast. 

Deep breath.

Here we go.
Writing For Your Podcast
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The Circus Analogy
The Barebones of a Podcast Episode Script
Get A Second (and Third!) Opinion