To preface this section, keep the following in mind: You are a beginner. You have a small budget, you have little (if any) experience, and you're not today where you'll be a year from now.

What follows are suggestions aimed at the beginner (just like this entire course is aimed at the beginner) and you will, undoubtedly, find other suggestions across the web about the best mics, the best audio interface devices, the best stands, the best boards, etc. But you are not in a position to be buying the best just yet, you don't even know if you're going to be doing this podcast a year after you start, you might not like it, it may not work for you!

You need a minimal startup cost, and this course (in its entirety) is meant to setup you up for success while keeping your costs low. I'm not going to be telling you to purchase a $1200 Nuemann TL-103. I'm also not going to be telling you to buy a $100 Blue Yeti.  I'm also not going to overwhelm you with options. 

In what follows you will find specific suggestions and limited technical speak. Many first time podcasters obsess over equipment and wind up buying more than they need and spending more than they can afford - I'm going to help you avoid that.

As you improve as a podcaster so too will the quality of your equipment, but for now we're going to keep it simple and affordable.
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Important: Don't Buy Yet
Microphone Suggestions
Audio Interface Device
Studio Monitors
Studio Monitors (for Hosts)
Stands, Mounts, Filters, and Cables