Creating a Podcast: Concept to Launch by Tanner Campbell

Creating a Podcast: Concept to Launch

The definitive guide to creating, launching, marketing, and growing a podcast. 

Hands down one of the most complete and thorough podcast creation courses currently online.

Hi! We're the Portland Pod, Maine's first commercial podcasting studio. In our course Creating a Podcast: Concept to Launch you will be taken through every step of the launch process from the very beginning to the second you go live. But it won't stop there, this course will also provide you with a clearly explained strategy for marketing your podcast after launch so that you can grow your audience and monetize your podcast. In addition, throughout the course, you will be introduced to a number of money-saving tools and time-saving resources that will help to greatly reduce the learning curve required to get into podcasting. 


I have no doubts that podcast would ever have had near a successful start without the help and guidance this course provided. It was an incredible tool and I am sure that it will be an amazing resource as I work through the next few months of my new podcast.
Michael Bivens
This class was awesome. I started with VERY little information about podcasts and left feeling like I could actually pull something together. 
Lydia Jones
I have reviewed a couple other "beginner" podcast courses online - (Skillshare, CreativeLive, free NPR/NYT training articles) and this course content is unique because of its very business-forward approach. It's a great course, I learned a lot, and I highly recommend it.
Jessica Rice

So what do we go over in the course?

Planning, writing, scripting, designing, branding, hosting, editing, facilitating, submitting, launching, tracking, marketing, promoting, and audience growth. And, if you can believe it, even more than that. Check out the curriculum below. 

What's included?

Video Icon 31 videos File Icon 6 files Text Icon 64 text files
3 mins
Proposed Minimal Budget
The Ultimate Don't-Be-Fancy Budget
Business Formation
Business Setup
1 min
Register an LLC
Register an EIN
Create a Business Checking Account
1 min
What Is Your Purpose?
How Will You Deliver Your Podcast?
1 min
Your Podcast's Personality
Podcast Brand Colors
Developing a Brand Language
Naming Your Podcast
Good Artwork & Name Example: Fantasy Footballers Podcast
34.2 KB
Bad Artwork & Name Example: Sleeperwire Podcast
20.7 KB
Creating Your Podcast Artwork and Logo
Artwork Example: Lipstick and Hustle
1.51 MB
Artwork Example: The Mental Architect
993 KB
Artwork Example: Cinemaholics
861 KB
Artwork Example: In Your Right Mind
1.88 MB
Creating a Sound Identity (Part I)
Wrapping up Branding and Identity
Writing For Your Podcast
1 min
The Circus Analogy
The Barebones of a Podcast Episode Script
Get A Second (and Third!) Opinion
Sound Quality
Sound Quality
1 min
Room Acoustics Overview
Acoustically Treating Your Room
Choosing Environment-Forgiving Microphones
Podcast Hosting
Podcast Hosting
1 min
A History of Podcast Hosting
The Hosting Solution For You
Setting Up Your Podcast in Simplecast
Setting Up Simplecast
1 min
Creating Your Podcast
8 mins
Creating Your Website
14 mins
Creating Episodes
18 mins
Sharing And Other Features
13 mins
Stats And Metrics
7 mins
1 min
Important: Don't Buy Yet
Microphone Suggestions
Audio Interface Device
Studio Monitors
Studio Monitors (for Hosts)
Stands, Mounts, Filters, and Cables
Recording and Editing Software
Recording and Editing Software
1 min
Avid Pro Tools
Apple LogicPro X
Audacity (The Free "DAW")
Using Social Media
Using Social Media
1 min
Determing Which Platforms to Use
Three Social Media Rules
Point The Camera At Your Creative Process
Brand Consistency on Social
Licensing & Using Music
Music Licensing
1 min
Using Other Peoples Stuff
All Places To Get Music
Custom Music Composition
Necessary Pre-Launch Accounts
Creating Your Platform Accounts
1 min
Google Account
Apple ID Account
Stitcher Account
Spotify Account
Simplecast Account
Editing Your Podcast
Editing Your Audio
1 min
The Two Plugins You Should Purchase
Editing in Pro Tools
24 mins
Editing in Audacity (Student Requested)
44 mins
Recording Suggestions and Pointers
Podcasting Tips
1 min
General Advice
10 mins
Recording Remote Interviews
6 mins
Submitting Your Podast
Submitting Your RSS Feed to Apple
7 mins
The Apple Mirror URL
The Directories
Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising
2 mins
Facebook Advertising Tutorial
51 mins
Monetization for Individuals
Monetization for Individuals
1 min
Patreon Reward Levels
Other Monetizaton Platforms
Advertisers / Sponsors
Do Live Local Events
Summarizing Monetization
Monetization for Businesses
Monetization for Businesses
1 min
Part Of Your Marketing Strategy
Useful Stuff (Odds and Ends)
Useful Tools and Services
1 min
Toneden & Fanlinks for Transcription
Relay That
Get Stencil
The End
Thank You and Farewell
2 mins
Final Exam


Is this an ONLINE course?

Yes. This is an online course attended entirely online. No need to travel anywhere in order to enroll or attend.

Why is the price so low?

Because being fancy is what makes these courses expensive. We shot all videos from one angle on an iPhone and captured all screen activity using TechSmith's SnagIt software. We did this because the less time and money we put into being fancy the more time we could put into the actual content. This is important as we want newbies to be able to actually afford the course so more first time podcasters can come out swinging.

I've been podcasting for a while, should I enroll in this course?

That's up to you. I will say that if you struggle with marketing and social, there is definitely value here for you, but this is truly for beginners and so the course is presented in a beginner style.

Will the course be released all at once or over time?

The course is released, in its entirety, on February 18th, 2019. You are then free to work through it at your own pace. You also have lifetime access to the course in the event that podcasting technology evolves and updates to the course are necessary. 

When does the course launch?

The course goes live Monday, February 18th, 2019 at 8am.

How are you qualified to teach this course?

Tanner is a working Podcast Producer and Podcast Engineer in South Portland, Maine and owns The Portland Pod, Maine's first commercial podcasting studio. The Portland Pod currently produces two internal podcasts while providing engineering and marketing assistance to a small family of local and national clients. Tanner has a professional background in IT Engineering, Internet Marketing, Web & Graphic Design, and Fiction Writing - a unique combination of skills for any one person to have and which help to put him in the position to bring a lot of value to this course that might not otherwise be present. 

Who is this course for?

It is intended for those looking to start a podcast and have no idea where to start and need help with planning, equipment, software, production, and marketing.